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A Brief Introduction

When China began its open-door policy in 1978, this led to abundant academic exchanges of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) between Singapore and China. Then, in 1995, the Singapore Government set up the Traditional Chinese Medicine Committee to accord due recognition to TCM, and ultimately lead to the legitimization of the practice of TCM at 2004. Both these events have encouraged many ambitious TCM practitioners to further pursue Masters' or Doctorate degree courses in various Universities and Colleges in China.

Today, there are over 100 TCM practitioners in Singapore who are qualified Masters' or Doctorate degree holders in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

The Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Singapore)(STCMS) was officially launched on January 7, 2000 with the sole aim of uniting this group of "TCM specialists", who hold either a Masters' or Doctorate degree in TCM. This is so that these practitioners can work together to promote the fields of TCM both academically and clinically. These TCM practitioners are united with one vision - to bring the practice of TCM to become a highly specialized discipline as well as to make Singapore a regional center for the practice of TCM.

Furthermore, the STCMS hopes to garner the help and support from other medical organizations, both local and from abroad. We are also looking forward to collaborating with other Chinese Medical organizations in the upgrading and promotion of TCM in Singapore.

Since its inception, the STCMS has organized many activities to achieve its goals. For example, it has hosted medical conferences and organized medical enrichment classes to impart and to disseminate TCM expertise to local practitioners.

To further enhance its status in the field of TCM, the STCMS has established an affiliate organization, the "Specialist Traditional Chinese Medicine Center"(STCMC) in September 1,2003. The aim of this affiliation is to bring the concept of specialization in the practice of TCM to the general public.

Based on our success in promoting the concept of specialization in the practice of TCM, the STCMS, in March 1, 2004 has established another affiliate – the " Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine" (ATCM) with the aim of providing professional training in the field of TCM. The ATCM today is collaborating with the "China Academy of TCM" and the"Fujian University of TCM" in conducting Masters' and Doctorate degrees for local TCM Practitioners.

In addition, the STCMS disseminates the practice of TCM to the whole world by annual publication of two medical journals, 《Medical Journal》 and 《International Journal of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture》 and also a series of ten medical booklets for its members.

At present, membership at the STCMS stands at 110, with 40 Doctorate degree holders , 50 Masters' degree holders and 20 Bachelor degree holders.

Entrance qualifications

Ordinary Memberships are open to those who hold recognized Masters’ Degree or Doctorate Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Associate Membership are open to those who hold recognized Bachelor Degree.